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eats crab cakes on Olympus Mons.
United States
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Not too long ago, I had aspirations of being an artist. I've always been in love with the concept of creation; making my own mythos, characters, ideas, words--this is a powerful, self-validating experience. Anybody who has have dabbled in anything creative can probably agree with me when I say that, when you're in the zone, pouring all your energy and thought over your canvas/paper/pc/etc., it can be a real rush.

It can also be grueling, frustrating, and soul crushing.

It's been a long time since I've felt ready to go back to art. The last handful of years have seen me moping and stagnating, dismissing any fetal ideas as pointless and not worth committing too.

Well, I'm ready to get out of this funk, and start creating again. I have no illusions about my skill level. I'm not a terribly impressive artist technically--honestly, that doesn't bother me like it used to. I miss the feeling of reaching into that tumultous ocean of ideas, sifting through all the mental flotsam, and grabbing onto some vague concept or idea, and just running with it until there is a finished image.

All of that said, I need some help, and some constructive criticism. If you have the interest and spare time, why not take a look at my gallery, and leave me some feedback?

I'd appreciate it more than you probably realize. :]

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